Introduction Post – Thank you, and Welcome

What’s up guys.

So, here we are… first post of the blog. If you haven’t already, please follow my instagram @fried_muscle. Hate to be the guy that plugs shit in the first sentence of his post, but hey, just started out here.

This blog is about:

  • Authenticity in the gym, socially, and in life.
  • Expressing the thoughts that I relate you all think everyday going in the gym (maybe, I can be a crazy person).
  • Productive, helpful, and effective workout advice (I am a certified personal trainer).
  • Humor incorporated within inspiration (an art that is still being perfected).
  • Interaction… I want this to be a community, and honestly, I created this movement for you guys.

My goal for this blog and brand is to inspire, motivate, and lead a group of men who have been neglected in media in recent years. I want to inspire the average Joe (or whatever your name is) to become the best version of yourself. I know you work, and I do too. This blog is realistic, fun, and inspirational, and I am excited to have you be a part of this journey with me.

Hit subscribe to immediately become a G amongst F’s.

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