Insecurity -> Confidence.

Since I just started this blog recently, I feel that it would make sense to tell you guys my story right off the bat. That way, ya’ll (I’m not from the South, just felt right there) understand where I am coming from.

The Origin

I grew up in Westchester, NY. For some reason, I felt very, very insecure once I hit around 13. This may be due to family things, in particular, my father was never a strong figure in my life, while my mother, although extremely loving, was overbearing frequently. Whatever the root cause, I felt disempowered in my daily life. And as a 13 year old in a small school where everybody knows everybody, I was more than worried about what people thought of me, and didn’t have a father to talk about this to.

So with girls, new experiences, and even friends, I began feeling unconfident and unexpressed. I felt weak in more ways than one.

Then, I discovered lifting. My friend, Ryan, brought me to the gym for the first time when I was around 14/15. It was difficult at first… wasn’t a huge fan to be honest. I chuckle remembering that I used to go to the gym, then quit not even halfway through to go to the cafe upstairs and have a big ol’ muffin lol.

But… when I was 16 I found p90x. This was a program that literally told me what to do, which I liked. I didn’t have to think about what to do at the gym, this told me what to do, and literally all I need to do is commit. Which I did… kinda.

I did it for a little over 30 days, but that is all it took. I was hooked on working out after seeing the results I got. I saw myself in the mirror, and seeing myself getting bigger from when I started, made me feel an incredible amount of fulfillment I was not used to.


Fast forward to today… I absolutely love working out. I am no longer insecure (still a little bit but not nearly as unhealthily as it was back then), I attract women without trying, and walk around feeling confident. Working out has gave me confidence, clarity, and peace of mind. It also helped me become disciplined in other areas of my life. Lifting weights has become my passion, and improving myself has become an addiction (a good one I guess). But now, I am inspired to help others become the best version of themselves. I became a personal trainer, and found out that watching someone else become the best version of themselves, was another level of fulfillment. So there it is… I created this blog to create a movement for the average Joe (or whatever your name is) to become the best version of himself. I look forward to meeting all of you along the way.

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