It’s All About the Struggle – Read for The Secret of Life

In case you haven’t noticed, life is based in duality: Yin and Yang, Pain/Pleasure, 0’s and 1’s. You cannot have love, without loss (or at least the chance of it). Happiness without the possibility of sadness. Or growth without pain.

The Secret is This: Understand and Utilize the other side of what you are after.

Let me explain…

If happiness is what you seek, sadness can help you get there by serving as a sort of compass. It is YOUR INTERPRETATION of sadness as being “bad” or “the whole world is ending.” Sure, it can feel that way in the moment. But just remember to take a step back and not only let yourself feel sad, but ask yourself objectively… why am I feeling this way? So you can get back on track to being happy in your life.

How this Relates to Fitness

When it comes down to it, you’re in the gym because you are trying to feel uncomfortable, and a little bit of pain (the burn). And you do this because you KNOW that when your muscles are burning, that means that whatever you’re doing is working, and your muscles will grow after the workout. Embrace the burn, seek the burn, and use the burn as an indicator that you are working towards growth.

Everything Else…

Just like in the gym you are seeking to grow, but you KNOW that in order to grow you must feel a little bit of pain along the way… the same goes for many things in life. Use fear to fuel you and your actions because the more you face fear, the more courageous you are. If you feel sad or depressed, use it as a new beginning, and then feel free to work toward your ideal life. And if you feel pain while lifting, smile because you know that growth, and pleasure are just around the corner… or the other side of the coin.

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