The Reason WHY People Respect Men who Lift

The reason why people respect weightlifters is because subconsciously they know that these Men went through pain, and were willing to go through pain, to better themselves.

From a woman’s point of view, this is attractive. This implies that these Men would be willing, and more importantly ABLE to handle any problem/circumstance that comes his or his family’s way. It also shows that he has respect for himself.

A man’s body is the reflection of his mind. More specifically… a man’s body is the reflection of his self-esteem, and the way he thinks about himself. A man who doesn’t care, or a man who really couldn’t give less of a shit about his health/life, would be manifesting a terrible circumstance for himself/his body. He would be overweight, maybe smoking, and for sure not eating healthy or living an active lifestyle.

On the other hand, a Man who respects himself, has high self-esteem, and at the end of the day gives a fuck about his life, will take care of his body. He is the Man who is strong, centered, and able. He is the man who if shit hit the fucking fan, he has the confidence inside of his heart because he knows that he has the strength not only physically, but mentally to face those challenges. He knows that pain, more often than not, can be used towards improving/growing yourself as a man. He knows that on the other side of pain, is greatness. And the other side of comfort, is fucking death, decay, and honestly is absolutely pathetic in the overall picture of life.

No one has ever grown from comfort.

Fried Muscle

HOMEWORK for all the Men reading This Now:

Ask yourself this question… Am I really not okay with pain? Could I take a Cold Shower right now for 3 minutes, and not pussy out?

If the answer is YES… you are the man, dude. Freakin’ proud of you.

If the answer is NO…. still proud of you bro, you’re being honest. Now lemme tell you what you need to do:

Ask yourself this question: Why am I not okay with pain? Why can’t I stay in the shower while freezing cold water hits me for 3 minutes? I know I won’t die… so what’s the problem?

Get down to the core reason as to why you resist pain. Because you are resisting it for some reason, and that reason may be different for everyone of you guys. Here are some examples of reasons to get you guys started:

  1. Living in the Past: “It reminds me of a moment in my past, which I emotionally can’t handle.”

SOLUTION: Speak to a professional therapist or psychiatrist if need be. If you feel that that would be over the top, then deal with it yourself. What moment are you referring to? You need to get back to a specific memory that may be correlated with this pain, and then make amends.

2. I’m Used to Comfort: “I just feel so fucking uncomfortable. The cold shower makes me feel absolutely terrible in so many ways, I literally just can’t deal with it Spence.”

SOLUTION: Get used to discomfort. I was in this category guys… I grew up in a wealthy neighborhood, and honestly had pretty much everything handed to me. I’m not blaming my parents, but maybe they just loved me just a bit too much lol. I’m sure some of you can relate… What you need to do, is create a routine of discomfort. A Cold Shower is an ideal place to start:

Cold Shower for 30 Days up to 3 Minutes… This regimine is credited to the Ice Man, I didn’t create this. He suggested that you start with a cold shower for 10 seconds on day 1. Then bascially just add 10 seconds each day, or more until you get to 3 minutes on Day 30.

Cold Approach random beautiful women. Just do it. Who cares? I’m in sales guys, and sometimes before work (like 730 am in NYC) I just cold approach gorgeous women who are just everywhere in the area I work at… do I ever succeed? Honestly, probably worked maybe 2 times out of 200 times I did it. But that’s the point… get in the “Fuck It Zone.”

So, you’ve gotten to the core of why you may be resisting discomfort, and you’ve been becoming more and more comfortable with it. Well done my friend. Not only am I proud of you (I know that means shit) but more importantly my man, you are becoming the Man that you are destined to be… a Man who does not tremble in discomfort. a Man who does not run away from fear. You are becoming a Man who Embraces the Rain of Life.

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