You’re doing 3 sets of each superset. Rest 1:30 min between each set, and 2:30 between each superset.

1. Standing military press (8,12,15)

With Bradford presses (behind the neck then in front for a burnout – 15 reps at least each set.)

2. Rope – upright row

Ropes again for frontal row (cable dope underneath your feet, pull toward the upwards part of your shoulders, and you should feel tension.)

Then single arm (r/l) cable lateral raises – burnout. 3 sets of all.

3. Plate lifts

Lift 45 – 12

25 – 16-18

10 – 25

Lateral raises with 10lb plates – 10

4. X-Cables (be in middle of cable tent. Put each higher than your shoulder. Pull on alternative sides simultaneously and focus on each shoulder contraction. Be sure not to keep your arms completely straight, as this will focus on traps.)

+ Arnold presses – 6-8, 12, 15

5. Shirts circuit

Lift frontal (barbell Recommended or you could use dumbbell) for at least 25. Go for 50.

Rear shrug raises – 25-burnout

Hanging pull-up bar shrugs – failure

Repeats 3x

… you’re a Man if you have finished this workout. Proud of you, and love you my brother. Stay tuned for more. And always feel free to reach out i me via social or email.

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