Trap-Shredder 3000

Ready to walk around lookin’ dope and strong with those envious, defined traps all of us Men would love to bear? Then look no further my man, check out this simple and quick Superset… Implement this within your shoulder workout routine, not as a standalone. (You could, but do it more frequently if you do).

Let’s get it going…

The Superset:

Octo-Bar – 30-50 reps, 30-40 reps, 20 reps

+ Plate Shrugs 35 or 45 lb weight for 20 reps, pick a lighter weight for 15 reps, then go for 10-15 reps for the last set.

+ Reverse Shrugs (I use straight bar, just shrug normally but put the bar behind you.) 25 reps, 20 reps, 10-15 reps.

Boom baby, that’s it. If you couldn’t tell already, you repeat the Superset 3 times with varying reps as indicated above.

Some Tips:

  1. This is supposed to be an absolute burnout, don’t hold back. Go fast here while keeping form, but don’t go crazy about it… form here is not as important as long as you feel the burn in your traps.
  2. Use the mobility of the plates to your advantage. I like to shrug them up and kind of go in a semi-circle motion from the back of my traps to the front… if that makes sense lol. Target the area you want to work on… usually that will be rear traps.
  3. Test out the weights before you begin your set. Don’t wing it and think it’ll be alright… be confident that the weights you choose, will get the job and your goal done.
  4. Lastly… play Levels by Avicii before this set… so perfect guys. It starts up and usually finishes when you’re done. Dramatic and cool. šŸ˜Ž

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