Get Primal – There is a Beast Within You.

It’s Monday morning, and your alarm abruptly wakes you up while you immediately smack the snooze button. Fast forward 10 minutes, you’re pouring yourself a cup of coffee, while rushing to put on your collard shirt with all those pesky buttons, along with your black tie. You drive to work the usual way… 45 minutes down the turnpike, yet could easily take 15 without the morning commute traffic. You arrive at work, and perform the tasks you were hired to do, just like last week, and the week before. Your boss sees you in the kitchen at around 10:30am, eating the breakfast you had zero time to make. You make the usual small talk, asking how the weekend was, asking how the family is, yadda yadda yadda. It’s all bullshit… The Boss knows it, you know it, and the funny part is, is that you both know that each other know it. Yet it’s the polite thing to do, and it’s just the nature of our society.

You’re probably thinking right now, “Dude, that is so relatable lol.” And of course it is! Small talk and surface level conversations are a part of our daily lives, and there’s nothing wrong with it… I mean it would be exhausting having deep af conversations all the damn time.

The point of this epidemically relatable story amongst working-class Americans, is that a majority of us go throughout our day on auto-pilot, doing the same things, with the same people, with the same results. As Tony Robbins very elegantly once said, “You wake up in a box, drive in a box, to work in a box, then go home and watch the box.” (box at the end here means TV guys… grow up ;p)

This is quite an unnatural lifestyle. We are animals, Men. We evolved throughout our ancestery to be anxious, run and jump and SCREAM with PASSION while running after a gazelle that would be the only chance for food that night. We belly laughed around the fire, fucked our women with primal intensity, and felt a sincere, deep, deep bond for our family and friends in our community. You were keeping them alive, and they were helping you.

This primal nature in all of us Men didn’t just go away once the 1990s hit. It’s within all of us Men, and more and more, there are men out there that repress this gift of savage intensity that kept us alive, and made us FEEL alive for millennia. That is why depression is at an all time high, anxiety has become an epidemic, and more and more we chase frivilous pleasures throughout the day, while at the end we go home and can’t shake that underlying feeling that something’s missing… you just feel… unfulfilled.

Men, read this, and read this closely (is that a thing? whatever just do it)… the Gym is a fantastic and ideal place to get back in touch with your primal nature. It’s a place where you can grunt and people won’t thing you’re absolutely crazy, (unless you go to Planet Fitness ;)).

Let me tell you the way I go to the gym, and how it has evolved from dreading going twice a week when I did, to feeling as though it has become the ultimate form of therapy for me.

When I go to the gym, people for sure think I’m a dick. I’m not a dick at all, I’m actually a very nice, and outgoing fine young gentleman if you ask me… oh you didn’t ask me? Well fuck you too. Lol jokes aside, this is serious….

The reason people probably think I’m a dick at the gym is because I get into my own little world. I don’t go to the gym to talk to people. I don’t even go to the gym to look swole for girls (would be lying if I said it didn’t help the motivation… ohhhh it does). I go to the gym to fucking lift. I have a routine, and that’s all I care about. This time is for me…

When I lift, I grunt and growl and feel as though I’m using a voice that’s deep within me. I sweat like an absolute mad man… literally drench the floors and benches, and looks like there’s a freakin’ rain cloud right above me… (people just love when I get up and the bench is dripping with sweat… it’s nasty I know… but I always clean after my set guys, and you should too. Gym Ettiquite).

After around 30 minutes of heavy lifting, I feel in touch with that primal essence that all of us Men have within us. I walk around the gym like a fucking gorilla, and yeah it probably looks ridiculous, but I don’t care, I’m feelin’ myself and not doing it for others at all.

This is the motivation for going to the gym guys, and people don’t talk about it nearly enough… if at all. You go to the gym to get out of your head and into your balls, and Elliot Hulse may say. You feel confident, strong, and a MAN after you put your all into that lift. That, my friends, is the secret fuel that all of you must tap into if you are to be a part of the Fried Muscle family. Feel like a Spartan… I know it sounds super cliche but who cares. Listen to Spartan theme music, and FEEL that inner warrior and savage that has been passed onto you from each man of the generations that came before you… and it was THAT primal essence, that made it possible for you, and all of us to be alive today.

Just on quick note on our species: We Humans are a powerful entity. We have the animalistic attributes that came out (and come out today) when survival was at stake. But we also have an intelligence that is unmatched by any creature here on Earth, by far. And we have a connection with Spirituality that helps us to understand reality just a little bit more, and to feel more connected to it. It really is an amazing thing, and I know it’s easy to forget guys, I do all the time when we get caught up in the nuances of life. As long as just one of you feels a sense of gratitude from this paragraph, I feel accomplished.

Back to the overall picture here… Use your god-given and nature-tested and true superpower of primal, masculine energy at the Gym. You will lift harder, lift louder, and feel like the fuckin’ Man when you walk out of there.

Nice talking to you guys, until next time!

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