Why Aren’t My Muscles Growing?!

If you have been weightlifting consistently at one point, then you have definitely been there… that infamous and frustrating plateau. Cool word to say, not so cool to be on one in terms of your fitness.

Personally, this bothered me so much in the beginning of my lifting career because I was confused, frustrated, and was working my ass off each time I went into the gym! I’m sure almost all of you have felt that way (comment below if you did!) and there are ways around it…

Muscle-Confusion is going to be your nuclear weapon here.

The reason your muscle aren’t growing anymore is because they are “used to those movements.” (Yeah your muscles can think man, sometimes I think they’re smarter than me 😑). So you have to throw them off, and give them a curve ball.

I’m going to give you TWO solutions for you here, and the one you choose depends on your goals, which I will explain:

Solution One: Flip the rep/weight count.

For example, if you normally go for 8-12 reps, pick a weight and do 25-30 reps… completely burn yourself out.

This is a good solution if you are going for size, and enjoy doing those go-to exercises, like benching for example.

Extra Tip: SQUEEZE the muscle guys… really squeeze it. That’s how they grow,not by lifting an insane amount of weight and not working your targeted muscle!

Solution Two:

Completely change up your routine. Literally switch out every exercise with something new. Your muscles know exactly the types of exercises you are going to do that day! So switch it up on em’ and show them who’s boss!

This solution is the one I would recommend to most clients in this position guys… it hits all the nails in the head, and is more effective because you could also change up the reps/weight like the first solution, so giving them that one-two punch.

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