Why do you even go, bro?

Yeah bruh, you bruh! Why do you even go to the gym? Seriously, I want to know.

And you should know, because if you don’t, then only god knows how you’ve been able to go more than once a week up until this point (or maybe pre-workout would know, which I have totally been guilty of in the past too guys dw).

Like with anything in life, as a Man it is not only helpful, but I believe necessary to lay out your goals, dreams, and where you aspire to go with your current endeavor.

I think we can all relate to some time in our lives, (for me it was when I was in college) and feeling lost af, and thus demotivated.

Always think of yourself as the captain of your own ship, your own vessel. If you are a captain of a ship and have no destination, you’re going to be wasting time going around in circles, or ending up in a place you never wanted to be at in the first place.

But do you know that feeling that you get when you know in your gut why you are even engaging and spending time with that activity? It’s a sense of fire in your belly and heart, with a tad of anger in your balls for you to break through those fuckin’ fears!

You know where you are sailing. You know where the island is, what’s on it, and how you’re going to feel when you step your bare feet onto that warm, fresh white sand for the first time… glorious.

That is why my assignment for you guys this week is to create a goal/mission with your fitness that is specific, or revise/remind yourself of yours if you already have one.

Until next time gents’

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